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The function of power inductor
2014-09-17 22:35:30

 The function of the power inductor
 The main function of the power inductor is to isolate the AC signal,
  comprising a resonant  circuit or filter capacitors, resistors, etc.;

Power inductor works because it produces changes in the magnetic field
at the time  by a non-steady current, and this will in turn affect the current field,
so,to say, any conductors,   as long as it is through non-steady current, the magnetic
field will produce change, it will in turn   affect the current,  so there will be no conductor
inductance phenomenon;  

 2、The characteristics of the power inductor and the capacitor on the contrary,  it has to
stop and  let AC  DC passed through characteristics. Is through the DC characteristics  
of the inductor, the AC resistance,   the higher the frequency, the greater the impedance
of the coil.  Inductors and capacitors often  work together in  the circuit, constitute an LC filter,
LC oscillators.  In addition, it is also the use of the  characteristics of the  inductor, a choke coil
manufacturing,  transformers, relays etc.